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Agriculture equipment industry has seen a global trade boom in the recent past, in light of active contributions from worldwide governments, businesses, associations, and individuals to boost agricultural production. Several government administrations are offering incentives as well as a wide

As organizations across the globe work on reducing carbon footprint, the sustainable architectural trend is gaining popularity, which is positively impacting global green building materials market growth. These building materials, powered by an array of tangible benefits, can actively ensure

The growth of the OSS/BSS market has been, since long, driven by technological advancements in the sector, along with widespread cloud adoption by communications service providers (CSPs) to keep up with evolving consumer needs. Additionally, the prevalent deployment of 5G

The expansion of the battery leasing service market is catapulted by the thriving electric vehicles industry across the globe. Moreover, increasing government focus on drafting policies regarding electric vehicles (EVs) and EV batteries is also boosting product adoption. Additionally, the

The POS terminals market has observed strong growth over the past decade, driven by notable advancements in payment technologies. Right from ease-of-use to mounting commonness of the point of sale (POS) technology, several factors have caused an upsurge in adoption

Automotive fleets across the globe are aging rapidly, with the average vehicle age in the U.S. reaching 12 years; a trend that has spurred the automotive aftermarket industry into action in recent years. Expanding the life cycle of a vehicle

The global education industry has undergone a drastic shift of sorts during the pandemic. With the word 'remote' gaining crucial significance, the e-learning industry has seen commendable strides worldwide. The global e-learning market size was estimated at USD 250 billion