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<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> A delay to new laws on e-scooters has been criticised by firms and campaigners who accuse the government of missing an opportunity to tighten up safety rules. E-scooters are widely sold and seen, but are currently only legal on

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> The government is tackling out-of-date UK regulations by amending several post-Brexit retained EU laws — ensuring those like working time rules are “fit for purpose” to further jobs growth. A reduction of time-consuming reporting requirements and simplified calculations for

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> Cash strapped Brits are forecasted to spend a whopping £3.7bn using Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes in the run up to Christmas, as the cost of living crisis continues to plunge shoppers into debt. The figure is expected

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> The no-frills pub chain, which has over 800 sites in the UK, said that bar sales also rose 10.7 per cent and food sales grew by 8.2 per cent. During the term, Wetherspoons also sold or surrendered to the

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> Jeremy Hunt risks condemning Britain to a decade in the doldrums unless he uses this month’s autumn statement to announce a £30bn-a-year investment plan to upgrade public infrastructure, a leading thinktank has warned. The National Institute for Economic and

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> Contrary to popular opinion, continuously placing bets doesn’t mean you’ll eventually win. But your winning fortunes might be turned around by choosing the bets with a higher statistical chance of winnings. It’s only logical. Since these unique bets are scattered

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????> The overall vacancy rate across Britain rose by 13.9% in the second quarter of 2023, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC). They also found that around 6,000 retail outlets have closed their doors in the last five years.