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Robinsons Bank launches automated savings feature for online banking app

ROBINSONS BANK Corp. on Wednesday announced that they are launching an automated savings feature for their online banking app RBank Digital.

The savings feature called Rkansya is available to anyone with a Robinsons Bank savings or checking account, the lender said.

“Rkansya, the newest digital piggy bank in town, is revolutionizing the way customers save and achieve their financial goals — whether it’s for a new travel destination, a gadget or gaming console upgrade, or maybe even to build a rainy-day fund,” Robinsons Bank said in a statement.

The Gokongwei-led bank said the auto-debit feature will automatically fund the Rkansya using a linked savings or checking account, depending on the duration of time selected by the user.

“Unlike your traditional piggy bank, it’s easier to track your progress with Rkansya as you’ll always see how far you’ve come,” the lender said.

Robinsons Bank’s website showed the minimum balance to earn rewards for Rkansya is at P2,000, while the maximum is at P500,000. There is no required maintaining balance.

The bank said clients can earn 3 Go Rewards points per month for every P2,000 maintained in their Rkansya.

If no withdrawals are made within three months, an extra 2 Go Rewards points will be awarded quarterly, it added.

Users can save for a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 months, with the promo period lasting a year after launch. Rkansya also provides real-time updates on the amount saved, the timeline, and remaining balance.

Users can also make multiple Rkansya accounts to save for different goals, it added.

Robinsons Bank will soon merge with listed Bank of the Philippine Islands under a deal announced last year.  — A.M.C. Sy

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