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Fujifilm PHL plans to introduce more healthcare solutions

Fujifilm Philippines President Masahiro Uehara

Fujifilm Philippines plans to introduce more healthcare solutions in response to rising local demand, its newly appointed president announced on Thursday.

“Fujifilm will continue to provide a range of products and services that address the needs of healthcare personnel, helping to improve medical care and supporting the well-being of people,” Fujifilm Philippines President Masahiro Uehara said during a briefing.

The Japanese brand, which has been operating in the Philippines since 2012, is working to increase its presence in the healthcare and graphic sectors, he noted.

According to the company, it began offering healthcare solutions to the local market in 2021, when its parent company, Fujifilm Corp., acquired the diagnostic imaging-related business of Hitachi, Ltd. 

“It covers computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray, ultrasound systems, endoscopy, in-vitro diagnostic systems, and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS),” Fujifilm Philippines said in a statement.

According to Mr. Uehara, Fujifilm Philippines is now focusing on the “health and well-being of the Filipino people.”

“At the height of the pandemic, Fujifilm Philippines installed FDR Go PLUS, a digital mobile X-ray, in various hospitals across the country to help frontliners do chest X-rays and determine patients with COVID-19 symptoms,” the company noted.

Fujifilm Philippines, which has expanded far beyond its roots in photography, has become known for its technology-driven solutions.

“In 2019, the company established its first outlet in Cebu to address the increasing demand and make sure that the quality of its products and services in the Visayas and adjacent places in Mindanao are maintained,” the company noted.

Mr. Uehara also vowed to make the company’s products more accessible to local businesses.

“We are confident that we can help the local businesses in the Philippines to reach their goals and grow their businesses even further,” he said. — ALB

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