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Toyota: New light commercial vehicle inspired by Tamaraw


CAR manufacturer Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. (TMP) said that its former Asian utility vehicle Tamaraw would serve as the inspiration for a new light commercial vehicle (LCV) in a bid to support local businesses.

TMP Vice-President Rommel R. Gutierrez told reporters at a media event in Taguig City late Monday that the Tamaraw model would inspire a new model called Toyota Mobility LCV.

“Basically, this (LCV) model is for the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It would be inspired by the Tamaraw model. It’s just a concept because the Tamaraw was considered a workhorse,” he said.

His statement comes after news reports claiming that the Tamaraw would be revived in the Philippines as part of the discussions held during the recent five-day official visit of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. to Japan.

“The LCV takes inspiration from the heritage of the iconic Tamaraw, the first Asian utility vehicle (AUV) introduced in the 1970s,” Mr. Gutierrez said.

“As it has been Toyota’s mission to produce ever-better cars, TMP will showcase advancements from Tamaraw and further build on the reliability and flexibility it established for the Filipino customers,” he added.

Mr. Gutierrez said that the LCV is still in its prototype phase, adding that TMP will invest P4.4 billion for the vehicle’s production and parts localization.

“This Toyota Mobility LCV model aims to demonstrate the development of the Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) and Toyota’s future commitment to the Asian market including the Philippines, the third-largest market in the ASEAN region. It is designed to adapt to the usage patterns and lifestyles of Asian customers,” Mr. Gutierrez said.

The Toyota Mobility LCV will be the third completely knocked down (CKD) model introduced by TMP into the country, after the Vios and the Innova. CKD units are vehicles brought into the country for local assembly. 

“There will be no impact on Vios and Innova production,” Mr. Gutierrez said.

“For the details on the production, sales volumes, and prices, TMP can only announce them at the start of local production,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gutierrez said the planned local production of the Toyota Mobility LCV model aims to meet the surging demand in the segment and to provide a “more suitable and affordable option for Filipino entrepreneurs.”

He added that the localization of the planned model would help the company respond to the specialized needs of Philippine customers.

“The introduction of a third CKD model will help sustain automotive manufacturing in the Philippines, especially with the cessation of local production by other original equipment manufacturers,” Mr. Gutierrez said.

“TMP remains committed to the local automotive manufacturing industry in the Philippines despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic and the general economic slowdown. The introduction of a third CKD model will help sustain TMP’s production operations,” he added,

TMP led local car manufacturers in terms of sales for 2022, accounting for 174,106 units sold or 49.38% of total sales, based on figures from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. and Truck Manufacturers Association. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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