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Menswear designers debut new collections at New York Fashion Week

FOUNDER and artistic director of All Beneath Heaven Jimmy Barker walks amongst models during the presentation of their Fall/Winter 2023 collection at New York Men’s Day during the New York Fashion Week, New York City, Feb. 10. — REUTERS

NEW YORK — From conservative to creative, a gathering of menswear and genderless designers kicked off New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on Friday, showcasing their 2023 fall/winter collections.

Designer Terry Singh said his brand was all about freedom and family, and that he wants to “celebrate who you are now.”

Jimmy Alexander, creator of Los Angeles-based brand All Beneath Heaven, was making his fashion week debut.

“This exercise is really about the people looking at each other in the eyes… being able to be vulnerable with someone,” said Alexander.

New fashion brand Cross Eyed Moose, from One Jeanswear Group, is hoping to take over the accessible premium market.

“Our model is we say it was born in the city and raised in the wild. So basically it’s streetwear, outdoor wear, work wear all combined in one with a color story,” said Jack Gross, the CEO of One Jeanswear Group.

“We want to sell every consumer because we believe the customers are changing their preferences very quickly today,” said Mr. Gross.

In total, 12 menswear designers will show during the two-part presentations.

During NYFW more than 70 brands will be showcasing their autumn/winter 2023 designs around the city, from Feb. 10 until Feb. 15. — Reuters

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