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Rugby Union bans ‘Delilah’ over “problematic” lyrics

THE WELSH Rugby Union (WRU) has removed “Delilah” from its Principality Stadium choirs’ song list due to its “problematic” lyrics, British media reported, as the governing body continues to deal with the fallout from allegations of sexism and misogyny.

The song by Welsh singer Tom Jones, first released in 1968, is about a jealous lover stabbing a woman after seeing her with another man. The lyrics include the line, “… she stood there laughing, I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more.”

The decision to ban the song comes after several former female WRU employees, in a BBC Wales documentary, made allegations about comments and behavior that they said were sexist and discriminatory.

“The WRU condemns domestic violence of any kind,” a Principality Stadium spokesperson told Sky Sports.

“We have previously sought advice from subject matter experts on the issue of censoring the song and we are respectfully aware that it is problematic and upsetting to some supporters because of its subject matter.”

The statement added that guest choirs have also more recently been requested not to feature the song during their pre-match performances and throughout games.

Wales are due to host Ireland in their opening match of the Six Nations on Saturday. — Reuters

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