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Jollibee, McDonald’s offer their restaurants as vaccination sites to encourage more Filipinos to get vaccinated

The two biggest quick-service restaurants, Jollibee Group and McDonald’s Philippines, are again teaming up to assist the government in providing accessible venues for vaccination across the country with a focus on Region 3, Region 4A and other key cities outside Metro Manila.

Both Jollibee and McDonald’s have offered their store network nationwide as vaccination sites for two weeks to assist the government in meeting the national daily jab target of 1.5 million Filipinos daily.

“We are willing to offer the space in our stores for 2 weeks in November, to help LGUs administer the 1st doses for the eligible population of adults and those aged 12-17 years old,” Margot Torres, McDonald’s Managing Director explained.

According to the proposal, the two biggest restaurant brands will work with LGUs where their stores are located and these LGUs will be responsible for the implementation of the vaccination program including the vaccines and ancillary supplies including their storage and disposal and manpower.

“Our teams can work with the DOH regional offices to ensure safety measures and proper implementation of the vaccination in the identified stores to be used as vaccination sites. We expect that we can achieve 150 to 300+ jabs per day depending on the location, size and store layout,” Pepot Minana, Chief Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer of Jollibee Group, added.

The proposal has been endorsed by National Task Force Against Covid-19 Chief Implementer Sec. Carlito Galvez and Deputy Chief Implementer Sec. Vince Dizon to local government units all over the country where Jollibee and McDonald’s stores are present.

The two restaurant chains expect to open-up their branches nationwide in the next few days as vaccination sites to further assist the national and local governments in providing greater access to vaccines.

Both companies are staunch supporters of Task force T3’s Ingat Angat, Bakuna Lahat Campaign, a program that assists the government in its efforts to help the government’s vaccination efforts in generating demand for vaccination and providing private sector expertise in logistics to optimize supply management and daily jab targets.

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